Seattle - March 2017

Speaking: ​Employee Engagement w/Culture Amp

San Francisco - May 2017

Webinar: Creating an Innovative Culture, w/Kaihan Krippendorff

Innovative HR Solutions

Throughout my career I've come across only a handful of truly innovative HR solutions. I'd love to share a few with you and am happy to talk with you about how to leverage them to meet your business needs. Here are my personal favorites. 

Team Effectiveness /Communication
Insights is a personality/style assessment that helps highlight individual employee leadership preferences and how these practices impact team dynamics and their effectiveness.  I am a licensed practitioner and would love to facilitate a team session with your team.

Career Development & Career Pathing

Fuel 50 is a unique software platform 

that allows employees to truly identify

their passions, values, and aspirations 

and match them with roles and stretch

assignments within a company.  

Employee Engagement/Analytics:

Culture Amp is a people analytics platform that

enables People leaders to measure and act on their employee's engagement across multiple dimensions. They also have a 360 insights platform and diversity and inclusion benchmarks and survey tools.

Employee Engagement/Analytics:

2017 - Speaking Events

Resource Partners & Upcoming Speaking Events 

San Francisco - May 2017

Teaching: Executive Education Program for CHRO's Reframing Performance