​​​​​​Increase your team's performance!

If you have a specific team need that is not listed I would love to talk with you and understand what you are trying to achieve and how I can help. Contact us.

Teams are the building blocks of every organization. They are made up of amazing individuals with diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives. While this diversity is great, it can also be challenging to bring it all together and make it work effectively. 

Dunamai works with leaders to identify outcomes and the underlying issues within teams both those that have surfaced, and those that are brooding.

Once these success inhibitors are identified, we work with leaders to craft tailored solutions to address the issues and promote healthy dialogue around solutions.

Whether your team is newly forming, experiencing conflict, or simply needing to get together to plan strategically for the future we can tailor a powerful solution that will achieve your business outcomes and strengthen the fabric of the team.

Example Offerings:

  • Facilitate Insights Discovery® sessions to increase awareness of work preferences & help teams work more effectively

  • Design & Facilitate planning off sites

  • Stages of team formation & development

  • ​The Leadership Game

  • ​Team Assessments & Inventories (e.g. 5 dysfunctions of a team, strengths finder, etc.)

  • Working cross-culturally / remotely

  • Conflict​ Management


  • Decision Making

  • Building career development programs